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Our goal is to provide a safe environment where shooters with any level of experience can come out and have fun.

We can customize training programs to meet YOUR needs. Weather your just wanting to build on the fundamentals or

learn more advanced techniques we can help! If you wanting to polish up some old skills that's fine too. By working with us

you will be able to operate your firearm on the range in ways most places don't allow. For example you will be allowed to

work around cover/concealment, and practice controlled rapid fire. MOST indoor ranges will not allow drawing from a holster,

however, with one of our instructors by your side we can practice these crucial skills in a SAFE and meaningful way.

We strive to keep a open mind and maintain an approachable attitude. We will never pretend we know it all.

At the end of the day its not about the GUNS, it is about the PEOPLE, it is about YOU

Become a carry permit holder

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Here we will give the step by step process of how to

apply and obtain your TN State carry permit.

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Morristown TN Firearm Training Instructor

We use the East TN Gun Club ​facilities. Here we can do things that are just not possible at other ranges. We can create a low light/No light environment for practical training. We can actually practice the draw and presentation of a firearm plus so much more. Please train like your life depends on it, because it might!   

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