TN Handgun Carry Permit

Life is complicated, getting your permit shouldn't be!

Here I will give you the info straight forward without all the useless talk that normally comes with it. To do this assumes your a law abiding citizen and can legally posses a firearm.

Step 1. Go to and fill out the state application state with your info. Make sure to click "handgun permits" tab.

Step2. Schedule a carry class and bring confirmation number provided by step one and a valid state ID to said class.  

Step3.(after class) Go to the DMV, pay fee. Fee will be between 100 for 8 years and 300 for lifetime. Some exceptions to the fee(s) for MIL/LEO. 

Step4. DMV will send you to get finger printed. In Morristown TN this will most likely be at Goodwill.   Yes, Goodwill.


Step5. Anxiously await for mail to arrive with permit in a few weeks!!!!

That's all there is to it.




                          The following portion is only for MY classes. Other instructors or schools may run                                                                                         their class in a different way

Now, what to expect from the class its self. 

Class and range are at that same location. Address listed on contacts page. You can also google East TN Gun Club.

When you show up you will be asked for a State ID and to pay your class fees or remaining fees. 

This will be $65-$100 total. No other fee will be paid to

the range unless you opt to rent a firearm which is a $10 fee. 

This is also when you will need you application (confirmation) number from step 1 above.

Please leave firearm and ammo in you car.

We will move into the class room where you will start class which consist of a State supplied power point presentation of 151 slides.

We will have a lot of discussion to help move the slides along and keep the class fun and informative.

We will finish the classroom portion with a multiple choice 50 question test.

Now time for the range. We will have quick safety brief then off to the firing line.

You will use a b29 target.

50rnds will be fired in this order ;

20rnds @ 3yards

20rnds @ 5yards

10rnds @7 yards   

You MUST complete both the written and shooting tests with a minimum score of 70%

This is an 8hr class. 

The ammo and firearms are NOT included in the cost of the class.  Eye and Ear protection is offered at NO additional cost.

We will take breaks often and have  1 hr set for lunch. These times can be dynamic based off of the class times for the date you choose.

I DO allow drinks and snacks in the class.  

Please look at the dates below. If you need a class date that is not on the calendar let me know. If your on a device where the calendar is difficult to view, call or text me. I will answer any questions I can even if your taking your class from a different school or instructor. It is my goal to help you anyway I can so please do not hesitate. To get a class scheduled please call or text me at 423-617-6200

Training Schedule