All of our classes are offered in 3 formats. Private, Group, and Public.

Classes can be booked by calling or texting 423-617-6200

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TN Handgun Carry Permit Class

This can be set up like any of our classes. Private, group, or join a public class. Private and Group classes are our most popular format. We will work with your schedule to get the best class date for YOU! These classes are $75 per person. Our public class dates can be schedule for $65 per person. Classes and dates are first come first serve. Contact us to reserve the date you want for a small fee.

Please click the "learn how" button on the home page for information on the class.

NRA Basic Pistol

This is a good class for people

who are new to pistol and NEED

the NRA class certificate.

Please let us know if this class is something you want. We have other classes that may meet your needs at a lower cost.

Non NRA Basic Pistol

IF you are new to guns or pistols this is a great place to start.

This is essentially the same material as the NRA class plus the STATE carry class. With more emphasis on range time and less classroom lecture.


and is not NRA approved.

Intro to Combat Pistol

This class is where things really start to pick up. This class draws a lot of inspiration from law enforcement. You will be challenged here to use critical thinking and start to apply a verity of skills. You must already have a firm understanding of firearms and basic pistol. If your not sure if your ready for this class please feel free to contact us. We want to set you up for success!

Combat Pistol

This is it! Our most advance class. We will push our limits on a closed range! You will use every skill you have and put them into practice.

You will get to effectively use cover/concealment. You will conduct speed reloads, tac reloads, and deal with malfunctions. You will fire from dynamic positions and be able to move past the normal firing line to move and shoot effectively and safely at the same time. We can not cover everything that will happen in this class here. You will have to have taken our intro to combat pistol class before attending. This class draws from Military, Law enforcement, and competition. We have done our best to pull from these inspirations to create class that will be the most beneficial to a civilian role.


Our Instructors

Daniel Taylor

February 14, 2018

Being a Father and Husbnd as brought a new meaning to firearms training. What started has a hobby for hunting and target shooting has transformed into a new mindset as I started a family. I am not just the last line of defense. Im the only line of defense. While I support my local police, I have never seen a phone call to 911 and response time faster than a motivated bad guy. You can only be as prepared as your training makes you.

Charles Williams

March 15, 2018

US Army veteran. Deployed to Afghanistan OEF 10-11. 3bct 101st Airbourne.

After leaving the Military started a career in Law-enforcement before becoming a full time student. Started instructing basic firearms, tactics and found a new passion. "Now that I have been teaching people nothing eles feels right. Its the job I have always wanted!'

Our Instructors

Bradley Gilmer

March 15, 2018

I am a current LEO. I started my career in Law Enforcment in 2011. I worked my way up the ranks in the patrol division and moved to an investigator position. I am now a LE certified sniper and work as a member of a special response team. 

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